Guest Profile

Marie-Laure (ML) Carvalho

Chief Marketing Officer at Portnox

Six Quick Insights

Q1: Is there one trait that you think all CMOS should (or must) have?

A: Being adventurous

Q2: Why do you think CMO turnover is so high?

A: Many reasons: from the company assuming that the CMO can fix everything right away, to CMOs themselves struggling with data and ROI. CEOs also need to understand better there are many flavors of CMOs: matching the right CMO with the skillset needed for the stage of growth of the company is as important as finding the right culture fit for example.

Q3: How do you decide if you need outside help and how do you choose?

A: I ask myself:

1- is the value we’ll get from hiring outside help more than what I would get if we hire full-time? 

2- What type of outside help would be the best fit for my team and is it easy to find?

3- Can I sell it to my CEO/CFO?

Q4: What is one business tool (besides email) that you cannot live without?

A: Any project management software (Notion, Trello, Asana…)

Q5: Who gives the best marketing advice? Is there someone you really look up to?

A: No one in particular. I enjoy a few CMO communities.

Q6: What is one book every CMO should read?

A: The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda