Guest Profile

Kim Storin

Chief Marketing Officer at Zayo Group

Six Quick Insights

Q1: Is there one trait that you think all CMOS should (or must) have?

A: Tenacity

Q2: Why do you think CMO turnover is so high?

A: I am speaking from a B2B perspective… marketing is a misunderstood function. It’s become a catch-all for everything. Our job is to be the voice of, and the voice to, the market… yet, we are the only discipline with an “ing” in our titles. Often our peers and CEOs value the “ing” (the execution) more than the strategy we bring to the table. And that leads us to get trapped in the MQL>>SQL death spiral.

Q3: How do you decide if you need outside help and how do you choose?

A: Having started my career in client service and management consulting, I believe external perspectives are critical to keeping my pulse on the rest of the world. Given my focus on transformations, I am often looking to partners that I trust (or come highly recommended) – transformation has a sense of urgency and a focus on cost management which means these relationships have to deliver value and that’s why trust is critical.

Q4: What is one business tool (besides email) that you cannot live without?

A: IDC and other analyst portals

Q5: Who gives the best marketing advice? Is there someone you really look up to?

A: Carilu Dietrich and Michael Gale

Q6: What is one book every CMO should read?

A: Evicted by Matthew Desmond – as we face a economic gap and housing crisis in Austin, I reflect on this book a lot