Guest Profile

Chris Aarons

Marketing Professor at the UT McCombs School of Business

Six Quick Insights

Q1: Is there one trait that you think all CMOS should (or must) have?

A: Noticing – You have to see what you’re missing and find inspiration anywhere and everywhere

Q2: Why do you think CMO turnover is so high?

A: Marketing is hard, consumers do irrational things and the world (products, tastes, desires, needs and competition) keeps changing!

Q3: How do you decide if you need outside help and how do you choose?

A: Best practices – If we know them and are using them to the highest level, we can
keep in-house. If not, I reach out to my network and get their recommendations.

Q4: What is one business tool (besides email) that you cannot live without?

A: PowerPoint and/or Acrobat

Q5: Who gives the best marketing advice? Is there someone you really look up to?

A: Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy

Q6: What is one book every CMO should read?

A: Converted by Neil Hoyne